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In the 1960s and 1970s AON built dozens of apartment complexes in the Peterborough area, meeting market demand for both seniors apartments and urban apartments for baby boomers. Today we are known for our attentive management of more than 1000 rental units in the region.

Here you'll find all you need to make an informed rental choice. With over 1000 units in Peterborough and Lindsay, AON has an ideal apartment to surpass your expectations for quality and lifestyle.

All of our properties offer an extraordinary standard of living where residents enjoy a safe, clean and inviting environment. We take great pride in providing spacious, bright, affordable accommodations.

All of our buildings offer exceptional value in some of Peterborough's most convenient and desirable locations. We have grown to be a successful property development and management company by ensuring that our tenants always come first with unsurpassed service.

Enjoy the comfortable home you deserve. AON apartments are professionally managed, clean, and quiet. We attract quality residents who make great neighbours.

Why Rent from AON?

  1. Each of our properties features spacious, bright and affordable units that offer you exceptional value.

  2. You'll live in a great location! Our properties are located in Peterborough's most desirable and convenient locations affording you the lifestyle you want.

  3. You'll have peace of mind. Our properties are safe and secure with emergency maintenance services available to you 24 hours a day.

  4. You'll receive top quality service. Well trained and dedicated staff provide you with a superior living experience.

  5. You'll get an apartment that suits your needs! With over 900 suites in the Peterborough area, AON has an ideal living space for you.

  6. You can believe in us. A contributing member of the Peterborough business community for three generations, AON is committed to management excellence and tenant satisfaction.

  7. You're important to us. We are a company that truly cares about people and that believes our residents always come first.

  8. You can count on us to go above and beyond! We guarantee extremely high standards in cleanliness and maintenance.

  9. You'll be satisfied. AON was built on teamwork, planning and preventative maintenance and has the highest tenant satisfaction in the city.

  10. You can trust us. Family-owned for over forty years, we're the area's largest and best managed property management company with a reputation for reliability and integrity.

Tips for finding your dream apartment

Whether you're new to the city or relocating to another neighborhood, it takes a great deal of time and effort to find the perfect apartment. If you take into account these 10 handy tips, your dream apartment may be closer than you think.

TIP #1: Create a Realistic Budget
Decide what you can afford in rent, including monthly utilities. And, don't look at any apartments out of your price range.

TIP #2: Shop and Compare
This apartment will be your home, perhaps for years, so ensure peace of mind by comparing prices, options and locations before taking the plunge.

TIP #3: Ask About Vacancy Rates
If an apartment building has a large number of vacant units, chances are the building is not being managed well.

TIP #4: Deal with A Reputable Company
Dealing with a larger apartment management company has its advantages. They have websites that showcase their apartments. They offer convenience, comfort, safety, value and variety. And, they have solid reputations for being committed to serving their tenants needs.

TIP #5: Make a Wish List
Do you want a balcony? Do you want to live near bike paths? Figure it out and create your wish list.

TIP #6: Use the Internet
The Internet is one of the best resources for zeroing in on your dream apartment. It can give you a clear idea of what's available before you actually go out looking for it.

TIP #7: Find Your Ideal Neighborhood
Drive or walk around different parts of the city where you might like to live. Consider commute times, your lifestyle needs and local conveniences.

TIP #8: Do a Thorough Inspection and Take Notes
Keep a record of each apartment you visit. Note what features are extra or missing. Take measurements of the rooms and doorways to ensure furniture fits on moving day. Turn on light switches, look inside closets, check water pressure, visit the laundry room, walk the grounds and ask neighbors what it's like to live there.

TIP #9: Ask Lots of Questions
Who controls the heat? Are appliances included? Is smoking ok? Are pets allowed? When is the apartment available? Will they paint before you move in?

TIP #10: Understand Your Lease
Your lease should clarify the rent, terms and duration of your agreement. Read it carefully and negotiate terms before signing. If you give a deposit, get a receipt.

However you decide to undertake your hunt, remember these ten handy tips to finding your dream apartment. It could be just around the corner. Happy hunting!